Home Based Business 2019| #2 Genre Traffic, Leads, & Sales

Traffic, Leads, & Sales! OH MY!

Traffic, Leads, & Sales! OH MY!

Hey there Diana here from dianagracethompson.com Empowering Network & Internet Marketers To LEVERAGE The Full Power Of The Internet To Build Passive Residual Income

I appreciate you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand.

Today I want to talk about the traffic, leads, and sales which is the #2 revenue generating genre in the industry. I also want to explain why it’s the most important aspects to our industry.

Traffic, Leads, & Sales

If  any business (including you and I) wants to build or earn a profitable income that provides financial security or time freedom without having to work a job it will take the proper education, tools and training.

If you are new, struggling, or lost when it comes to building a business online from the comfort of your home you need to be able to attract traffic, convert that traffic into leads, then convert those leads into sales.

“Traffic, Leads, & Sales”

This concept is a concept that has been used for centuries. This genre ranks #2 because everyone that is just getting started don’t know what to do to generate business online. They waste 1000s of dollars on training and 100s of dollars on tools to figure it out and still come up short because of overpriced 3rd party affiliate marketing companies.

Be aware of  people who claim to be coaches and charge and arm and a leg for there services to sit down with them for an hour and expect you to be able to create success as a new or struggling marketer.

The average price for a legitimate coach is $997 to around $100,000 or more for a few sessions that range from 30 minutes to a few hours. The average monthly price range is from $150 – $1500.

In my coaching program there are two sides to it. The first side is the standard side and this is for people who want to focus on applying my training to their primary business. Then there is the affiliate side for people who want to earn extra money by referring clients to the program and for people who are more interested in multiple streams.

In my coaching program you will get to keep more money in your pocket because you will save money on the training and on the tools needed to create success. You will be empowered to create something of your own that you can pass down to your children or future generations.

Thanks for watching and click below to learn more about my coaching program.

3 thoughts on “Home Based Business 2019| #2 Genre Traffic, Leads, & Sales

  1. Tynesha Renee Reply

    It’s very challenging to generate traffic, leads, and sales online when you are using third-party done for you, marketing stuff. Unfortunately, you never know this information in the beginning because nobody ever tells you this up front. You spend all that time marketing and sending traffic that you cannot physically see to a website in which you don’t own or control is terrible. Thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom!

    • Diana Thompson Post authorReply

      You are so right. I too was told to use 3rd party when I wasn’t told to spam social media. Thank God for this coaching program because we are teaching people a more effective and long lasting way to build business online

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