Welcome To My Coaching Program

The purpose of this coaching program is to ultimately change the home based business industry. That will be done replacing the old outdated approaches to internet & network marketing. Our industry is so far behind on innovation and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Guru’s and guru companies who seek to leverage your lack of knowledge to make themselves rich have no care, concern or intentions on helping you produce the desired profitable results that you’re looking for. 

The industry standards for the past 10 years when it comes to the learning curve is dead last of all industries that exists. The average time frame is 6 months to up to 20 years. Communication is the # 1 reason why our industry yields a near constant 100% failure rate. The industry has come to a conclusion that new & struggling marketers don’t want to put the time or the work in so they prescribe them done-for-you stuff. This coaching program has proven and will continue to prove the industry wrong. 

Who Is The Coaching Program For?


Are you looking for results in the form of traffic, leads & sales? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. There is a huge deception and misconception when it comes to success. People think that the reason that they are not having success or earning money is because of their company, products or services, and in some cases the business model or compensation plan. That is the furthest from the truth. This lie leads people to jump from company to company or business opportunity to business opportunity. The end result is wasted time, wasted money , stress, anxiety and a prolonged path to success. 

Are you tired of not knowing who to trust or follow? Does success always seem like a mystery that you spend many hours trying to pursue to the point where you start to believe it’s a lie and not possible? If your answer is yes you’re in the right place.

Are you a CPA Marketer? Are you an Affiliate Marketer? Are you a multi level or network marketer? Are you looking to produce strong results that last longer than the industry average of 90 days or less? If you’re answer is yes to any of this you’re in the right place. 

What Kind Of Coaching Program Is This?


This is a professional internet & network marketing coaching program. Internet marketing is taught first because it’s the most intensive of all the training that you will experience. The program is built on 100% innovation, education, training, motivation and inspiration. There is 4 years packed into the internet marketing training and near 20 years of experience packed into the network marketing training. 

This industry is 10 years or more behind on innovation and most gurus are running out of ideas. For the past decade they have pounded mindset driven training, replaced education & training with philosophy and theory. This leaves new and struggling marketers in a constant state of confusion. Not knowing what to do or where to start, not knowing who to trust and who to follow. 

This coaching program is designed to reduce the learning curve to 90 days or less for those who put forth an honest effort to get through the training. 40% of our training is done via video modules. The other 60% is done in one on one coaching sessions that are 100% tailored to the individual. 

We cover everything under the scope of both internet and network marketing.  Below is an outline of the coaching program

This coaching program is specifically designed for those who are willing to accept a different approach, those who want results, those who are tired of having their emotions played with, those who are tired of being lied to and mislead. This coaching program has a private infrastructure. It’s a private operation. We have confidentiality policies etc. We are strict. We have standards & requirements prior to anyone getting into the program. So Before I Cover the outline let me explain how to get into the coaching program.

First you have to decide if you need to be coached to build your primary project, business, income or you can decide to become a coach just like me. You have to be on 1 list or the other.  If you want to be coached to success CLICK HERE 

To get into my coaching program you have to agree to use the same tools that I use (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  1. You must have a domain name that professionally brands you or what you do. CLICK HERE
  2. You must let me host your domain name for you for $10/Month. CLICK HERE
  3. You must use the same marketing tools we use for $20/month you don’t have to buy these yet until you get to the part of the training. 
  4. You must buy the lead capture page & sales funnel page system that we use for a one time cost of $125 or choose from one of our payment plans. You don’t have to buy until you get to the part of the training. 
  5. You must subscribe to the coaching fee which are all confidential. When you opt in to either option there are full in depth videos that show, explain, and educate you on everything you need to know. There will be a limited time special pricing for the coaching fee only if you take advantage of it as soon as you see it if you navigate away from it you will not be able to go back again… 

To stay in my coaching program you have to remain on my mailing list, be accountable, and attend the live (weekly online) events. You must be actively engaged in the emails I send out because it’s going to be 100% pure education.  

What’s In The Training?


You’re going to learn how to professionally brand yourself the right way. You’re going to learn how to market professionally online. Internet Marketing & Professional Branding is the exact same first step. Phase 1 is a 24 minute course that is worth $500 based of industry standards. 


This is where you build the engine and transmission to make your site perform at maximum potential. The fact that this is self hosted as opposed to 3rd party done-for-you, by having the ability to flex your functionality gives you superiority over overpriced systems gurus try to impose on you for inflated prices. Phase 2 is a 50 minute course that is worth $1000 based off industry standards. 


Once you have an established identity you now have a fun and exciting way to build the know like and trust factors and the capabilities to monetize and earn from your personal brand. This will teach you how to finalize everything and prepare everything for social imaging so that you can attract people from every marketing channel that you have online. Phase 3 is a 50 minute course that is worth $2000 based off industry standards. 


This is all about building your lead capture system and sales funnels. There are people who pay an extreme price to learn how to do this and most people get strung along. If you ever wanted to learn how to build a list , generate leads, and  automate your sales process this is it right here. Phase 4 is a 77 minute course that is worth $4000 based off industry standards.  Some people have so much fun with this training that they actually get stick here… 

What’s After Phase 1 – 4 ?


The purpose of this training is to teach you how to use the rest of the marketing tools but ultimately and primarily help with 3 things.

  1. There are 4 marketing styles you’re supposed to pick one you like and build using that method.
  2. There are several different career paths you’re supposed to pick one you want to build. 
  3. After you pick you’re supposed to schedule a one on one coaching session. 

The Sprint Training is designed to get you the fastest results possible. 


If you have no audience, no following no leads, no list, no prospect you have to start some where. The Marathon training is for the long haul it’s designed for you to learn the process of how to create strong successful results on a consistent basis.  It covers the following :

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Art Of Traffic Generation
  3. Art Of Social Media 
  4. Art Of Lead Generation
  5. Art Of Blogging
  6. Art Of Closing Sales 

Your results are a reflection of the strength of your brand your ability to obtain & maintain success