Home Based Business 2019| #7 Genre Digital Currency

Home Based Business 2019| #7 Genre digital currency

Home Based Business 2019| #7 Genre digital currency

Hey there Diana here from dianagracethompson.com Empowering Network & Internet Marketers To LEVERAGE The Full Power Of The Internet To Build Passive Residual Income.I appreciate you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand.

Today I want to talk about digital currency which is the #7 and last revenue generating genre in the home based business industry.

Digital Currency

Digital currency is digital money,electronic money or electronic currency. This is a type of currency only available in digital form not in physical such as banknotes, or coins. It exhibits properties similar to currencies but allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer of ownership.

The first digital currency dates back to the 1990s during the.com bubble one of the first with e gold founded in 1996 and it was backed by gold. The first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created in 2009 and didn’t come into the vocabulary of the home-based business industry until 2013. It died down for a few years and then came back in 2016 with a bang. People were taking out loans and putting up their house as collateral to be able to invest in it.

Digital Currency in Home Business

I’m still in the learning process when it comes to digital currency but I do know that with anything there are people who are out there to take advantage of other people so be careful when dealing with digital currency. If you are going to get involved I wouldn’t recommend joining a company whose primary focus is NOT on recruiting. You want to follow and mirror someone who is earning money trading and not just by recruiting. More people are losing money than people who are legitimately earning from it. If you are going to get involved in Trading, digital currency, or Bitcoin tread know that ¬†you can change your financial life for the better but be careful and do your research before joining or getting involved with anything.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next series on the 4 legit ways to earn money online.


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