Professional Internet Marketing requires digital professional branding, marketing & advertising tools that gives you the capability of leveraging the entire internet to generate traffic leads & sales. There are 4 phases of training that you will go through 

Phase One

In this training, you're going to learn how to set up the layout of your website, how to create a menu, and how to set the tone for your personal brand. 

Phase Two

In this training, you're going to learn how to configure the software that gives your website its ability to perform at its maximum potential.

Phase Three

In this training, you're going to learn how to finalize your website and bring your brand to 100% completion ready to market & ready to promote. 

Phase Four 

In this training, you're going to learn how to build your own personal professional automated marketing system; such as lead capture pages, sales funnels and much more... 

Sprint Training 

In this training, you're going to learn the 4 different ways to market & choose the best approach that suits you. If you don't have a primary business or a way to build an income you're going to be provided with options. 

Live One On One Coaching Session

After you've completed the training up to this point you're going to get solid direction & instructions as to what to do with everything you built. You're going to be provided with a simple solid time friendly daily action plan that you will need to execute to produce the results you want. You're going to be provided with a clear example to follow.  

Marathon Training 

After your first coaching session, we're going to open up the rest of the training that you're going to need to produce results consistently and for the long haul. You have access to our network of professional coaches, support groups & reinforced training. This includes live weekly webinars as long as our network is not on downtime for updates, upgrades, and enhancements.  



All training is simple it's all step by step. The training platform is easy to navigate. Everything is set up so that you're able to work at your own pace. This is an accountability based program so some pressure may be applied to motivate and inspire. Inside the client's area, we have a social platform with support groups that offer reinforced training and options for things used and proven to get results. We also have a mailing list and a website dedicated to providing more inspirational & motivational type of reinforced training these are designed to supplement the training on the platform. 

Once or twice a year depending on the need the network does go on a period of downtime to update, upgrade, and enhance the program and changes could be made that will be impactful. We are dealing with digital technology so it is very easy for our training modules to become outdated and that is why we have the support. 

For additional and faster support we use Skype for our coaching sessions and webinars at this time we use Zoom. You're recommended to have skype but it's not required however for a coaching session ZOOM is required. 


The training and skills taught through the Brand With Authority coaching program works. Clients who complete the program are going to be in a completely different place than those who use a 3rd party affiliate program that controls the branding options 100%. 

Consistent results require a consistent work ethic. We have the best results because we've reduced the learning curve and we lead by a real live consistent example. We don't do or teach anything that we are not doing ourselves and we prove that we're doing it. 


he Brand With Authority Affiliate Coaching & Training Program has been streamlined what this means is that all clients have the option to move with and build with our private network. Examples are as follows. 

1. Let's say that someone joins you outside of the BWA Network you will be able to offer this training platform at an exclusive team/organizational discount to your team. Which ultimately adds another stream of income that you can grow in addition to your primary business or income. 

2. Let's say BWA decides to add an mlm or e-commerce program or whatever to the program if you choose to participate, anyone, that you personally sponsor into your team that joins you can also get a massive discount on the bwa training services

We're doing this so that this is the last organization you ever have to join. You have the choice to follow us or not. We want you to not have to jump and hop from program or business to business and end up spending more money than what you earn or wasting your time on things that are helping you get to your goals. 



  • Want A Simple Source Of Extra Income ( Earn While Learn)
  • Not getting the support you need
  • Not getting the right information
  • Not getting the right education or training 
  • Unable to produce results after trying for 90 days or longer 
  • Do not have your own personal authentic tools 
  • Lack resources 
  • Want to learn how to build a business or income the right & cost effective way
  • Not sure who to trust or who to follow
  • Tired of hype, nonsense & deception
  • Needing a fresh new start
  • Want to produce strong results that last
  • Want traffic
  • Want leads
  • Want sales
  • Want to learn how to grow a business 
  • Want to learn how to sustain a business
  • Want to learn how to get around online saturation


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