Let me quickly cover somethings for you. If it takes you a week or longer to decide somethings wrong. The only valid excuse for not starting is simply not having the funds to start. Budget your money. Don’t start something if unable to maintain. Aside from that this is how to correctly do due diligence.

  1. Corporate Leadership – do they exist? Is their face on their website? If not = RED FLAG
  2. Contact Information – do they have phone number, email address, physically registered address? If not = RED FLAG
  3. Products or Services – order them try them out yourself. Don’t ever take someone else’s’ word for it. Experience them for yourself.
  4. Customer – find out if you can just be a customer and order the products at retail without joining the company. If pay to play = RED FLAG (only exception shopping club memberships, licenses or re seller (non commission-able) fees).
  5. Business Model – is the compensation plan easy to understand? Is it worth your time to build? It’s best not to look at the pinnacle points of a compensation plan. Base everything off the bottom line not the bonuses. 

Do Your Research

Know What You Are Getting Into