My New Life Sciences Review| My Reasons For Joining

My New Life Sciences Review| My Reasons For Joining

My New Life Sciences Review| My Reasons For Joining

Hey there Diana Grace Thompson here your professional internet and network marketing coach also the founder and creator of Showing you the process of how to create your way to success. I appreciate you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in 10 minutes or less.

What I’d like to do is a review of the company called New Life Sciences, and I want you to know that  after more than 2 and a half years of not being in a multi level or network marketing business I decided to partner up with New Life Sciences. I’m going to go over the details and I’m going to explain to you why I decided to partner up with New Life Sciences.

 Reasons For Joining New Life Sciences

 Reasons For Joining New Life Sciences

Before you I, or anyone else  joins a company it’s smart to do research on the person that you are going to join first. I like to get to know, like, and trust first the individual that is responsible for introducing me to the opportunity. If I know them, like them, and trust them, and they do all the right things that they need to do in order to create the proper relationship with me. Ya know, like build rapport then I’m  actually more open to listen to any suggestion or recommendations that they make.

The reason why I haven’t been with a network marketing or mlm  is because nobody worth my time has come by and explained to me how to have real success. Noone has educated me on the industry as a whole and what it takes to create success…until recently. The right person came along and I already had a relationship built with them and that was enough to understand the opportunity and it started to make sense to me. And from that time I’ve decided to partner with New Life Sciences.

When I decided to join this company or during the process of deciding to join the person that I joined I briefly looked over the company. I took a look at what was being offered….Now  The first place to start is with the company. You want to look at the corporate leadership and the corporate website and try to find out what type of web presence the corporate leadership team has on their own sales website.

Corporate Leadership

Here we have Rick Creghgon and Darren Holmes. My sponsor shared one important piece of information with me is that It doesn’t matter what opportunity you are going to be in. What matters is the people you are going to be working with. This was one of the reasons that I partnered with New life Sciences. People are more important than what we do.




The next thing that I looked at before joining the company is the products.  I use the products and they are  non pill based and non GMO. We have a great company, with great corporate leadership. Simple powerful products. New Life Sciences has 3 products to offer the market place :

  1. BodyDRIVE
  2. SkinnyDRIVE
  3. RECOVER lift 

Amazing Opportunity

Amazing Opportunity

After I find out about the company and the products I need to take a look at the opportunity. New Life Sciences has a simple to understand compensation plan. New Life Sciences is compliant with FTC regulations. You don’t have to join the company to be a customer. If you choose to participate in the affiliate opportunity you can participate without the need to recruit. We are set up with ability to focus solely on customer acquisition with our special retail area. However, if you chose to participate in the ability to be able to leverage the efforts of others. We have a stable, powerful and simple 7 level uni-level compensation plan. 

Want to be apart of an amazing team?

 Success 4 The Taking  is more than just a website, and more than just a team, it’s a powerful professional internet and network marketing organization. The most dynamic team online the industry has ever seen. Some of the powerful benefits that you get access to:

  • Full Fledged Professional Replicated Team Website
  • Built In Social Media Platform 
  • Built In Training Platform 
  • Built In Professional Lead Capture & Sales Page System 

This industry was centered around selling and recruiting. You’re always going to make more money by recruiting. Click here to view the detailed Compensation plan.

I will be continuing to take the product and live up to  this freedom lifestyle that this opportunity has to offer. Be sure and subscribe to learn more info or to partner with me. I will be sharing my results throughout this journey so stay tuned. If you want to stop jumping from program to program you want to lock arms with me in this. If you are new and not sure what to do you definiately want to take a look at this.

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