Branding Yourself| The First Step To Internet Marketing

Branding Yourself|The First Step To Internet Marketing

Branding Yourself|The First Step To Internet Marketing

Hey there Diana Grace Thompson here your professional internet and network marketing coach also the founder and creator of Empowering entrepreneurs to LEVERAGE the internet to build passive residual income.

Today I want to talk about the first step to professionally branding yourself, which is the exact same first step to internet marketing. If you want people to take you seriously, and to know you, like you, to trust you, and to listen to you then you are going to have to create something that gets their attention. You want to create something that sets you apart from everything and everyone else. This process starts with a domain name.

Branding Yourself|The First Step To Internet Marketing

Branding Yourself

Why do you need a domain name? Having your own domain name is an extremely inexpensive investment into yourself. Without a domain name you don’t have any way to build your own personally branded business or income that has your unique signature on it.

Having your own domain name and building a strong presence online is not something that anyone but you has absolute control over. Nobody can take that away from you, nor can they steal from you.The average domain name costs anywhere from $12 – $15 per year.

So what exactly is a domain name? It’s the part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. The fact that you’re building a business on the internet means you need your own website.You want to attract, build, and maintain your following or your audience, or your subscribers or supporters by attracting them to you first rather than to something you have absolutely no control over.

Without a domain name you can’t build an authenticate brand or website. So when you choose a domain name it’s best to choose one that professionally brands you or what it is that you do.

Branding Yourself Online Starts With A Domain Name

Get A Domain Name

I buy all of my domain names from name.comMy competition loves to argue that my methods are wrong when it comes to new and struggling marketers. I in fact am teaching them to go through the exact same motions of the same process. The difference is I give them way more for way less and real personal support. Real entrepreneurs that want success are not going to leave anything on the table for someone else to grab. They should and you should seek to control everything about your business or income that you can. You don’t need to buy or overspend just to qualify to earn commissions. 

Concepts, methods and ways of doing things may change in terms of approach and process but the very essence of what internet marketing is and has always been about will always remain you can’t ever forget the basics or leave the basic fundamentals of it because of something flashier or shinier than the basics. In the home based business industry people have left learning the craft and skill of internet marketing for short cuts and quick done for you things that just leave them worse off than when they started. 

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